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A Suitcase That Weighs Itself

I don’t travel all that much. But I pretend I do often enough. Whether I’m trying to seem impressive at a social soiree or name dropping remote islands that don’t even exist on a first date, my outward portrayal of myself is quite the seasoned globe trekker. Consider this my confession for the week, Father James. I’m low on gas ...

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Suitcase Stickers: The Easy Way to Encourage a Strip Search

So you’ve had your eye on a certain special female airport security guard for quite a while now, but every attempt at making conversation has ended in utter defeat. Yeah, right, she has “work to do.” We’ve heard that one before. But she’ll have no choice but to fondle us now. Suitcase Stickers add a healthy hint of that bad ...

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LiveLuggage Makes Transporting Entire Wardrobe An Ease

No one likes hauling ridiculously heavy bags around the airport. LiveLuggage’s Power Assisted series uses a special wheel to make your traveling a heck of a lot more lightweight. This luggage is designed to distribute 85% of the total weight directly upon the wheels, making you feel you’re only carrying a fraction of it. The intelligent torque control powers the ...

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Bluebird Keeps An Eye On Your Luggage

Waiting in the airport for your luggage to sail down the assembly line is both suspenseful and boring. Seeing that your luggage is safe and intact is great, but the wait time is boring as hell, especially if your suitcase is your place to sit. The Bluebird concept from Nate Lynch keeps your luggage communicating with your phone via Bluetooth ...

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RoboPorter Carries Your Luggage Without Singing Slave Spirituals

Johnny Cash, rest his soul, might need to have someone release a new version of his song “Hey Porter” to better survive the test of time, because this porter doesn’t have a pulse. The RoboPorter holds your luggage for you and transports it to your beckon call. The Kita Kyushu airport in Japan offers RoboPorters to guide you and your ...

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