A Suitcase That Weighs Itself

I don’t travel all that much. But I pretend I do often enough. Whether I’m trying to seem impressive at a social soiree or name dropping remote islands that don’t even exist on a first date, my outward portrayal of myself is quite the seasoned globe trekker. Consider this my confession for the week, Father James. I’m low on gas and church is further then two blocks away, which vastly exceeds the distance I’m willing to walk. What do I look like anyway? A traveler?

So as a man who often pretends to be worldly and sophisticated, I think I’ve earned the right to pretend I know everything there is to know about luggage fees.┬áPisan Kulkaew’s ‘TUL’ concept allows the suitcase to do all of the thinking for you. With a built in scale, TUL ensures that you won’t be overburdened, avoiding all of those pesky excessive luggage fees that I pretend to know so much about.

Take it from a seasoned liar about travel, luggage fees can add up quick.


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