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I’m Tired of Hearing You Pee

Man, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard THAT, I might have around 10 cents or so. But seriously, you know it’s bad when your housemates have to wear noise-canceling headphones when you go to the bathroom. Not that there’s much you can do about it. You just happened to be born with a powerful stream. But ...

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Honoring Billy Mays the Only Way We Know How… A Keyboard Mod

As geeks, we have slightly skewed and sometimes inappropriate ways of handling stress. Most of the time we like to mix in some humor with our mourning. It helps to lighten the mood. This keyboard mod memorial renames the “Caps Lock” key the “Billy Mays” key. Your loud, boisterous voice will forever live on in our hearts and keyboards, Billy. ...

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Public Service Announcement On The Go

You don’t need a DJ Mobile to be able to make public announcements over a loud speaker. Take a look at this briefcase. It’s transportable and it’s got a built-in sound system that includes a 20-watt amplifier and 4″ speakers. While it may not have a toilet inside of it like the Gotta Go Briefcase, it’s got the next best ...

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Those Speakers Won’t Make Your Car Go Faster

If your neighbors piss you off or if you’re just an angry, bitter soul who wants to watch the world burn, then why not blast loud and obnoxious music to annoy everyone as you drive around the block? This mobile multichannel speaker car is every DJ’s wet dream. Can you imagine pulling up to the Minitek Electronic Music festival in ...

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Is it a HiFi? No it’s just a cellphone

You’ve got to give it to them, Chinese companies these days are just commercializing phones that we’ve all just dreamed of at some stage. We had the Nokia N73 clone — Nokir E828 that packed an even larger touch screen with a decent camera at an unbeatable price; we had a cigarette pack incorporated to a phone. Today we came ...

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