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Scientists Now Able To Memory Wipe Mice

I knew this day would come. The day I attempt to go on a beautiful vacation to Mars, only to realize that I’m really a secret agent fighting against an evil and corrupt Mars administrator. Yes, Total Recall. Dr. Joe Z. Tsien, a brain scientist and co-director of the Brain & Behavior Discovery Institute at the Medical College of Georgia ...

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Steve Jobs and The Search For A New Look

Jim Lynch over at Extreme Tech wrote a funny post we just couldn’t ignore. Almost the entire column goes over how much Steve Jobs is in dire need of a wardrobe intervention. All of his clothes are either too short or too baggy due to his recent loss of weight. C’mon Steve, you’ve got cash, you can afford leather. Anything ...

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Weight-Loss Belt For Fatties

Are you an overwhelming fat ass that just can’t shred those pounds because going to the gym is another chore on your list of things you won’t do?� Well, your prayers have been answered! The Vibro Shape slimming belt is said to rid you of your beer-belly in favor of some sexy washboard abs. The belt can also be used ...

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