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A Wild ABRA Appeared!: Dude Attempts to Seduce a Pokemon on Chatroulette

MEWTWO cast ETERNAL HUMILIATION! Rejoice in the fact that you are less desperate than this guy on Chatroulette, who desperately attempts to seduce a costumed human (we assume) of unknown gender to display their mammaries which may or may not even exist. Dude, you do know there’s porn on the internet, right? No Pokemon were hurt in the making of ...

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25 Geek Cakes We Want To Eat

SlipperyBrick painfully reminds me of what a loser I am with its latest list of geeky goodness. More importantly it reminds me that I’m a loser who’ll never get a chance to eat these desserts. Conner Flynn has comprised a list of 25 geeky cakes he feels were cleverly made to fit into his belly, all the while my belly ...

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18+ Hours To Defeat Final Fantasy XI Boss

If you’ve ever played an MMORPG habitually, you know how difficult some bosses can be. Especially if your fellow guild members are shit-for-brain newbs. When you’re guild name is “Beyond the Limitation”, there’s little doubt that any one of your members gets out of the house on weekends. You’d think a bunch of geeks who never leave their rooms would ...

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Mszunefan Calls It Quits, Regrets Zune Tattoos

You’ve gotta be one fat fucking loser to want to tattoo “Wel-come to the social” on your shoulder. It looks like some five-year old tattoo artist did it, or at least thought up the idea. It’s bad enough it’s the Zune slogan, but even worse: it’s a terrible slogan. Considering no one bought the Zune except this guy and four ...

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