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Arduino Milk

Thirsty for a fun DIY project this weekend? Check out these light-up milk bottles controlled by an Arduino. Created by Instructables user Nachimir, he’s posted full out instructions on how to construct your own. The video is very eerie but don’t let that scare you off. I’d be more worried about having to drink all that milk in one sitting. ...

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Electrifyingly Awesome Tesla Coil Gallery

Nikola Tesla represents what every American hopes to be, despite having been born in Austria. Intelligent, business savvy and I heard he never wore white after Labor Day; not to mention the insane amount of ingenious patents of his that still apply to this day and age. Let’s face it: he was a bigger pimp than Edison and not nearly ...

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Tesla Coil Guitar Amp

Not much is known about this video except that a guy built a Tesla coil and used it as a guitar amplifier. Each note he plays, lightning and electricity shoot out from a device sitting in his living room. Does it look incredibly unsafe? Absolutely. Is it rock and roll? You bet your ass it is. Link

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Girl Getting Struck By Lightning

Found on my Tumblr, this is a video of Flickr user SLOWLORIS getting struck by lightning while he’s filming a lake. From her Flickr page: Because you insisted, here’s the unedited screaming version. I also added video from a minute before the lightning struck so you can get an idea of how hard it was raining. From what i understand, ...

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Pimp Your Bed With Under Frame Nightlight

Much how people add in LED lights underneath their cars body kits, the Blue Moon Night Light adds the same style of ambient glow into your bedroom. Equipped with 14 LEDs, the light system should bring you back to your teenage years, when most of your love making was done in your hot rod. The Blue Moon Night Light offers ...

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