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The $3 LED Lightbulb

Those brits! Always inventing such crazy stuff like Fawlty Towers and The Office! This time around, researchers at Cambridge University have designed an LED-based lightbulb that costs a mere $3 and has a 100,000 hour lifespan. Very impressive, considering that my current fucking lightbulbs tend to burn out after three months. Researchers say the bulb could also help lower electricity ...

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The 107-year-old Lightbulb

Out in Livermore, California, one particular light bulb has seen more wars and events than anyone alive today. It’s been burning for 107 years and was manufactured by the now-defunct Shelby Electric Company. The lightbulb now has a home inside Livermore Fire Company’s Station No. 6., probably next to one of those cameras it powers. Unlike light bulbs today, this ...

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