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The Light That Only Turns On If You Blow In Its Ear

I never understood the whole “blowing in the ear” form of flirtation. I’ve both blown into ears and had my ears blown into and from first hand experience, ear blowing is neither exhilarating, nor an effective form of sexual coercion. I’m guessing its just one of those things that old time TV shows and movies used as a euphemism for ...

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Just Because: A Mustachioed Light Switch

For all those men out there who think their life is worthless just because your eyes might be abnormally far apart. Just grow a mustache and maybe one day you too can become the coolest light switch in the world. Of course, the mustache isn’t mandatory, but not having one is sort of like buying a race car only to ...

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Turn Your Lightswitch Into a Nose

Henrietta Swift designed these vinyl stickers so that you can transform your light switch plate into a personified face. The purpose is to lighten the mood, but how much stress can you lose by constantly worrying about the well being of your poor light switch’s nose. How would you like your nose to be broken and re-broken multiple times throughout ...

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Create 3D Illusion with Simple Black Vinyl Wall Stickers

An excellent idea for adding some extra depth into your home or apartment, a simple black vinyl wall sticker can transport your light switch into a 3D optical illusion. I’m sure you could pull this off with some plain black tape. You probably don’t even need to buy a special kit for this.

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Cubic Switchplate Adds A Dimension To Your Light Switch

You always hear designers talking about making objects “pop.” Making certain pieces catch your eye. The Cubic Switchplate literally adds a new dimension of a poppability, creating the illusion of a three dimensional cube-shaped light box, without the need of taking up anymore real estate than a normal flat switch. Composed of ABS plastic, the Cubic Switchplate might look like ...

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Mr. Switch Light Switch Loves When You Flick His Nose

To be perfectly honest, I sort of feel bad for Mr. Switch. He has people constantly tweaking his nose into impossible angles and he’s forced to smile through it all. But we can see through his pain. Those down-turned eyebrows tell us all we need to know about Mr. Switch’s mental state. We half expect lines of grief to form ...

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