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Taking Your Pac-Mac Obsession To The Next Level

Someone had enough free time, flour and ovens to whip up this amazing Ms. Pac-Man level in dessert form. We’ve got ghost cupcakes, we’ve got Pac-Man cupcakes and we’ve got plenty of edible dots for you and her to eat. I’d totally drop $100 to see someone eat the whole thing in one sitting. Link

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The Lamp That Adjusts To Your Surroundings

Every now and then there comes a lamp that makes me tingle. I’m not referring to the Smoon Ombrella or the Centipede Lamp, though those two are weird in their own right. Designer Chris Natt was fed up with varying levels of light in his work environment, so he made this lamp, the Stimuli 3.0, that will keep the light ...

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Level 1-1 Scarf

You’ve played Super Mario Bros. more times than you can shake a stick at most likely. Now you want to show off your nostalgic pride and you need to do it appropriately. Luckily, there’s Cassie’s handmade scarf. It’s a scarf with level 1-1 from SMB. Yes. The entire level. Exactly what you were looking for, except it’s not for sale. ...

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Keeping Your Camera Level With The iPhone

If you’ve ever been into photography, you know that composition plays a major part in determining whether your shot turns out just right, or ends in the trash pile. While you can buy a level at your local hardware store which will ensure your camera is sitting on a straight plain, now there is an iPhone-led alternative. Photographer Ben Long ...

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