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iPod Nano Gets A Huge Upgrade

I wasn’t expecting much from Apple today but these new iPod Nanos really take the company to the next level. Beautiful design, thin as fuck, colorful as a rainbow and cheaper. Let’s review: Accelerometer The accelerometer comes to iPod nano. Give it a shake to shuffle your music. Turn it sideways to view Cover Flow. And play games designed with ...

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The 60 Second Apple Roundup

So I missed Jobs’ entire speech/event because I was at class receiving my education. Here’s what happened: Steve Jobs comes out, cracks jokes, spits out stats Jobs jokes about his death, iTunes, songs, etc. HD on iTunes, $1.99, $2.99 – NBC back on iTunes Speaking of iTunes, iTunes 8 announced. Talks about Genius. Available today iPod talk – 90% of ...

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