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The Wonderful Gallery of Science: Vitruvian Man

The renaissance Vitruvian Man helped to bring about was above all a rehabilitation of the human being as the pinnacle of creation and the expression of a divine ideal; with the discovery of new cultures and ideals that followed, the notion of a single human ideal would be put to the severest test.

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Build Your Own Da Vinci Wooden Catapult

Leonardo da Vinci, a man of a million talents and designs which number in the hundreds, perhaps even thousands. One of Da Vinci’s classic designs is his improvements to the catapult, a weapon which was used through hundreds of years of war. Now, you can build the Da Vinci Wooden Catapult right in the comfort of your own abode. This ...

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The World’s Smallest Da Vinci Ornithopter

Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci is not only remembered for his amazing art, but his breakthroughs in science and design as well. In fact, the Da Vinci Ornithopter was one of the first devices to prove that birds weren’t the only things that could soar through the sky. And if my science knowledge proves correct, was one of the major ...

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Mona Lisa Made Entirely of Discarded Motherboards

Sure, it might not be the largest Mona Lisa ever made, but who needs size when you’re made of the geekiest material ever devised, computer hardware. The Motherboard Mona Lisa is made entirely of discarded hardware and currently sits in the lobby of the Asus headquarters in Taiwan.

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If da Vinci Had Designed the Mac

If Leonardo da Vinci had taken a page out of Steve Jobs’s book and decided to design computer hardware for a living, his designs would have probably looked something like this. We’ve already seen what the iPhone would have looked like through da Vinci’s eyes, and even his rendition of Super Mario Bros., but the iSteam Mac design reveals da ...

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