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Google’s Chrome Comics Get Spoofed

The Internet is a funny place. When a company as powerful as Google has a premature announcement of its latest web browser due to a leaked comic it made describing the process that Google engineers undergo during production, you know internet-dwellers are going to take advantage. Users at YayHooray went to town on some of these strips, bringing hilarity you’d ...

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Comic Book Bubble Paper Clips make bad grades fun again

Haha, bad grades are so funny. As long as they aren’t our own bad grades. Let us all laugh at this kid’s D- paper. HA…HA. Giggling aside, these Comic Book Bubble Paper Clips are really friggen cool. The traditional paper clip gets a shakeup with its bubble design, like which is used for comic book dialog. Bad grades are funny ...

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A toy we can relate to, the 40-Year-Old Virgin Talking Doll

We’d have to do some research, but we’re pretty confident that middle-aged virgins are among the highest niche demographic of viewers we receive from our daily traffic. We’re not positive, just a hunch. Most action heroes have nothing, but braun and super powerful chop motion. Andy from The 40-Year-Old Virgin just has his never before used penis. The release of ...

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