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Pioneer 10: darkness at the edge of town

The Pioneer anomaly, a long-discussed discrepancy between the expected and actual speeds of the Pioneer spacecraft, has tantalized researchers with the possibility of an exotic new physics. A solution may be close at handand even if it supports the standard model, it's pretty amazing.

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Cassini visits Saturn’s oxygenated moon

he Cassini spacecraft has detected atmospheric oxygen on Rhea, a rocky, icy moon orbiting Saturn. 950 miles in diameter (less than half that of our moon), the tiny world is covered with water ice, which likely produces free oxygen as it is bombarded with charged particles from the magnetosphere of its parent planet, Saturn.

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Earth and Jupiter Caught in Same Wide Angle Shot

Check out this snap taken by the Mars Global Surveyor on May 22, 2003. Every so often the planets align so that both Jupiter, Earth and the moon can all be captured in one wide angle breathtaking shot. Hit the jump to see where the planets were located when this shot was taken.

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