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Pirate Bay Judge Accused of Bias

Fuck the system! Break it down! That’s what a lot of people are chanting today after it was discovered last night that the judge in the landmark Pirate Bay trial is a member of several pro-copyright lobby groups that are in cahoots with the entertainment industry. Judge Tomas Norstr�m belongs to the Swedish Association of Copyright, Swedish Association for the ...

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Who Rocks Harder: Metallica or Judas Priest

It’s Friday and you know what that means: Ryan is menstruating again. We’re currently locked in a heated battle over IM on who reigns supreme in the world of music: Metallica or Judas Priest. It all started when I told Ryan that anything Metallica did in the 1980s was harder than Judas Priest or any other band, including but not ...

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MMO’s Are Serious Business

In Japan, you apparently can be charged with illegal access of a computer and manipulating electronic data if found guilty of intentionally “killing” someone’s MMO character. Some guy divorced his online wife’s avatar in Maple Story and in her anger she killed his character. Now, she faces a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine of up ...

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Hacking: Boston Stops Defcon Talk Over Security Concerns

This past weekend, during the Defcon hacker convention in Las Vegas, several MIT students who were prepared to give a talk regarding the security of Boston’s public transit system were stopped. A judge ruled to ban the presentation after the city realized a gaping vulnerability was about to become exposed. For now, the talks have been stopped, but now everyone ...

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