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Saying Anything Apparently Still Works

Starring John Cusack as John Cusack in Say Anything… Again! But this time around, he’s got some new tools in his shed. For one thing, record stores are all obsolete. Wait, I think I’m confusing Say Anything with High Fidelity. Dammit, I hate when John Cusack movies start bleeding together. This trick isn’t for everybody, as you’ll have to figure ...

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Steve Jobs “Say Anything” T-Shirt

John Cusack is perhaps best known for his role in the film “Say Anything.” More specifically, the iconic scene where Cusack holds up a blaring boombox over his head for his desired lover. What if director Cameron Crowe had taken a slightly geekier route to his destination? This organic t-shirt illustrates what “Say Anything” might have looked like had Crowe ...

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