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Linux Running in Your Web Browser

Javascript based games, Angelfire, Dragon Ball Z, and a rudimentary knowledge of HTML describes the summer before my seventh grade year. Also, it represents what I thought was the epoch of Javascript's capabilities.

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Apple Announces Safari 4 Beta

I don’t know about you, but as a full-fledged Mac user, I get very sick of using the de facto browser, Firefox. It’s big, bloated and uses up all my resources on my iMac G5. Loading up JavaScript-heavy websites? Go get a drink, because it’s going to take a good hour for Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Digg to finish loading. ...

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Pastebud: Copy and Paste On The iPhone

Lucky you, iPhoners and iPod Touchers. Seems a little “application” called Pastebud brings copy and paste functionality to Safari and Mail through clever JavaScript and bookmarking. Consider it the year’s ultimate iPhone hack. It’s not an official application that you get through the App Store but it sure as hell works. Hey, it’s the best you’re going to get until ...

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Wolfenflickr 3-D Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

When Wolfenstein 3-D and Flickr wanted to get married, I gave them my best wishes. Just kidding, software and photo sharing sites can’t get married, silly. They can, however, be fused. Thanks to some anonymous geek with Javascript skills, this mashup of the popular FPS shooter game and photo sharing site takes the best from both and allows users to ...

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