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Turn Your iPhone/iPod Touch Into A MIDI Controller

The best things in life are free, no question about it. But even if it wasn’t free, I’d most likely buy iTouchMidi, a program for both OS X and Windows that will receive MIDI signals from your iPhone or iPod Touch via WiFi. Pretty insane right? Check out what this guy did with two iPod Touches and iTouchMidi software. He ...

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College iPhone Giveaways

Today’s New York Times reports that many colleges are giving away free iPhones or the iPod Touch to their students. Apple hopes to hook new customers with the program and the schools involved hope to improve communications, test educational applications, and allow online research in class. Many professors are concerned that the devices will be a distraction.

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eWallet To Secure Finances For iPhone Users

Need a new reason to leave your wallet at home? eWallet, the software that serves as a password manager and digital wallet, has a version coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Word on the street is that the software is finished and ready to launch, awaiting the final word from Apple. With the iPhone 3G within our grasps, the ...

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