College iPhone Giveaways

Today’s New York Times reports that many colleges are giving away free iPhones or the iPod Touch to their students. Apple hopes to hook new customers with the program and the schools involved hope to improve communications, test educational applications, and allow online research in class. Many professors are concerned that the devices will be a distraction.

Students who want to get phone service on their iPhones have to pay for it themselves, but all the devices get free internet service on campus wi-fi networks. Back when I was in college two long years ago, they never gave us free stuff. And we had to walk seven miles to get to class– in the snow. It was rough, these college kids now have it real easy.

So far, the Times says that “at least four institutions � the University of Maryland, Oklahoma Christian University, Abilene Christian and Freed-Hardeman” are doing iPhones giveaways. Maybe this will help folks to forget about rising tuition prices.


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