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Optimus Prime iPod Dock

Let me be straight up now, so I don’t drag you along for the ride. This iPod dock is a limited-edition gadget so it costs around $340. If you’ve got the dough, great, but I just thought you’d like to know before you read further and soil yourself in excitement. With only 100 made, the Music Label – Exile �Perfect ...

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Contest Winners

Well folks, our contest has come to an end and its time to announce the winners. I’d like to thank all of you for entering and sharing your favorite ’80s bands with us. Some people liked awful bands whilst others simply had great taste. Here’s the two winners we chose: Kate really knows how to start a party: Hall & ...

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Atari 2600 iPod Dock

What is the deal with all these people ripping apart perfectly good video game consoles in favor of upgrading them with the latest technology? Sometimes retro is better! That being said, this is a nice looking iPod dock. It’s a broken iPod clock/radio shoved inside an Atari 2600 shell. My guess is that this mod took no more than an ...

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Quick Review: JBL On Time 400iHD iPod Dock

Several weeks ago, I received a JBL On Time 400 iHD iPod Dock (whew!) to review. In the past, I’ve really enjoyed JBL’s products. They make fair-priced, great-sounding iPod docks with rich bass and decent treble and mids. I unpacked the On Time, plugged it in and shoved my iPod Touch on top to start streaming music to the speakers. ...

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