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Apple Holds the iPhone 4 Wrong Too

We do as we’re taught Great Leader Jobs. Maybe it only works properly for dudes with perfectly unblemished digits? God, I’m sorry I’m not perfect like one of your hand models. This is exactly what leads people to handarexia. Link

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iPhone 4: Not Sure If It Will Blend, But It Definitly Breaks

iFixYourI Blog put the iPhone 4’s glass exterior to the test and wouldn’t you know it? Glass tends to shatter when it falls from a few feet up. After the phone’s third fall, from approximately 3.5 feet, successfully shattered the newest rendition of the Jesus Phone. It’s only fair to take into account that the particular device used for the ...

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Smartphone Infographic Face Off!: iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo vs. Droid Incredible

With Steve Jobs’s unveiling of the iPhone 4 at yesterday’s WWDC, the modern smartphone battleground was just cranked up a notch. Apple’s newest launch into the mobile stratosphere has already spurred much speculation of which phone will ultimately win the smartphone battle. Looking at all of the stats, I don’t think there’s much competition. AT&T just needs to get their ...

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Apple Steve Jobs Keynote WWDC 2010 Recap

While much like our friends over at Gizmodo, we weren’t invited to Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2010 keynote, we followed the event close, so here’s a recap of what you might have missed, filtering out all of the typical craptastic self-promotion. Netflix app coming to the iPhone, the full Netflix experience. Watch Instant Stream movies, resume on different device. Out this ...

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