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Three Player Ping-Pong Is For Keeps

No one wants to be the odd one out of an intense game of ping-pong. Enter the Modular Table Tennis System, the table tennis designed specifically for groups of players larger than a couple. Innovator Guenter Arndt claims that his modular table design can house 12 ping-pong players cramped around this table. The idea is to have four teams of ...

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Saver Clip: Sounds Like A Coupon Book, Looks Like A Dream

Again we ask ourselves, “How do we know how much power we actually use?” Because you know we can’t trust those darn, meddling power companies. The Saver Clip is designed to sense the electromagnetic filed pulsing through your power wires. When you use power, an output is emitted from the wires in the form of electromagnetism. The more power you ...

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