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Student Hacks Graduation Cap to Rebel Against School Policy

Oppressive high school administrative policies are nothing new. However, for some tech-savvy students, the challenge of outsmarting school officials is both tempting and appealing. One student, faced with oppressive school policies, decided to hack his graduation cap to display an 'invisible' message.

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Dead Sea Scrolls: New Exit On The Information Super Highway

For those not familiar with the Dead Sea Scrolls, they are the only known surviving copies of Biblical documents made before 100 AD. So, it’d be nice to try and preserve them in any way possible. What better way to insure its longevity than the immortal internet? Now, not only is the oldest Hebrew record of the Old Testament discovered ...

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AirPiano Beats Out Air Guitar

Air guitar is a big thing but an even bigger musical hit is on the horizon. Omer Yosha has created an interesting, elegant interface that uses infrared sensors to control music applications he’s calling AirPiano. Similar in concept to the theremin but with many more advancements, the AirPiano allows any untalented schmuck to wiggle his fingers above the board to ...

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Matsushita showcases data transfer via visible light

When the term “data beaming” was coined, people can’t help but to think that there’s an actual beam between 2 devices that travels and carries the data across. In actual fact this does not happen unless you wear infrared-enabled night spectacles. This morning National (Matsushita) demonstrated the new Visible Light Communications technology (VLC) at the International Lighting Fair. As the ...

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