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Waveform Jewelry

Waveform jewelry is nothing new to nerds like us. After all, we previously covered a wedding ring that had the waveform for “I do” engraved into the side. You can read about that here. But much like the Eagles’ classic hit, there’s a new kid in town. The Sound Advice project produces all sorts of jewelry based on custom waveforms. ...

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The Pitcher: Beer, Babes and LEDs

It’s 11:30pm on a Friday night and you’ve just been put on bar-tending duty at the Kappa Phi house. A new keg has just been tapped and the girls over to the right are screaming for another pitcher of Natty Ice for the beer pong table. You snap out of it and realize you have a job to do. The ...

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Bringing Sexy Back: LaCie Hard Disk Max External Drive

Beautiful piece of machinery, isn’t it? A piano black finish, glowing blue light. Right out of the Hotel Gansevoort or some equally swanky place. No, friends, this is no cocktail dispenser. This is a huge 2TB external drive from LaCie. You’d expect a two terabyte drive to cost quite a bit, correct? You sir, are incorrect. At $270, this is ...

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Italian Design: TooLate Watches

In need of a new watch but sick of what Swatch is offering? Armatron not really your thing? Try out TooLate, an Italian watch company that’s recently brought its designs across the pond to our shores. Each watch is only $30 and is waterproof. There’s the time and date and nothing more. Very minimalist, but then again, so is time. ...

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Inexpensive Night Vision Goggles

ThinkGeek does it again! This time, the gadget outfitter is offering up a pair of night vision goggles for the low price of $90. That’s right. For under $100, you can get a pair of goggles that will truly unleash your inner peeping tom. ThinkGeek is sold out right now but it’s taking backorders and they’ll ship October 6th. Link ...

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