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Tilt-Shift Trance

Clawing open the Earth in tilt-shift imagery, set to droning industrial tones. It's more entertaining than it sounds! Video after the jump.

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French Guy Makes Facebook Business Cards

The very Frenchly-named Jean-Baptiste Gouraud designed these ingenious Freedombook Facebook business cards. The cards encourage the recipient to “Confirm” (or “Confirmer” if you want to sound pretentious) Gouraud as a business connection, or perhaps as a life partner, if that’s how you roll. The card holds hall of the pertinent information, including phone number and e-mail address. Let’s just hope ...

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Who Buys Music?

Woke up to this cartoon on Tumblr. It’s so, so true, especially after my cousin received $75 in iTunes Gift Cards for Xmas. I mean, who really buys new music? Apps, apps, apps! Link

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Shock and Awe: CD Sales Down, Digital Sales Up

Get ready for some news that will blow your fucking mind. Ready? CD sales are down. I know! Down? How could this be? The execs at Atlantic Records feel the same way. Seems during Q4, Atlantic Records had 51% of all sales come from non-physical sources like iTunes sales and ringtones. The New York Times found it “shocking,” so what ...

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Majoring In Game Design Will Leave You In The Dark

So, you want to work in the game industry. You want to live, breathe, think, screw and shit video games for the rest of your life. Unless you want to be a master of the custodial arts, game design is the last thing you’ll want to major in. As Frank Caron of Ars Technica points out, the game industry is ...

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