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Planet Vans

Found on It’s Nice That, this shoe looks like boatloads of fun. Gives the classic slip-on Vans a new meaning, eh? Link

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New York Gets Enhanced 911 Service

Technology helps prevent crime. That’s a no-brainer. London’s use of CCTV has turned the city into a near police state and GPS has led to more arrests for car theft. As of yesterday, New Yorkers will be able to send text messages, picture messages and video to 911 and 311. This will enable citizens to report crimes of all types, ...

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Geek culture at its geekiest: A visual journey

Here’s a cool little image gallery we found showing a bunch of images which show geek culture at its, well, geekiest. There’s a ton more pics over at the site, but here are a few of our favorites. Some of the pictures have been seen before, but a lot of them are new to us. Check it out. You won’t ...

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Laugh of the Day: Toilet Monster

This little guy sticks to your toilet lid, waiting for an unsuspecting victim. When they open the lid, BAM! There he is, waiting to scare the piss out of them (quite literally). Take that, kids! You should have gone before we left the house! — Andrew Dobrow [ev type=”wmv”” width=”320″ height=”240″ data=”http://www.prankplace.com/images/toiletmonster/toiletmonster1.wmv”][/ev] Product Page [PrankPlace, via Funniest Gadgets]

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Space Invaders are closer than they appear (or so satellite images suggest)

Google Maps always turns up some interesting images. Whoever made this Space Invaders ode is our new personal hero, but has entirely too much time on their hands. On second thought, this image might of been taken by an airplane, as a commenter on Wonderland suggest, because of its higher resolution. From a satellite image it’s more likely that the ...

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2.5 Gigapixel digital photo: Huh, pretty big

Day in and day out, we sit here and drone on about the magnificence of cameras that take lower then 10 megapixel photos. And all this time, we could of been droning on and on about a 4 Gigapixel camera! Stupid us. The 2.5 Gigapixel photo in question was created using 600 seperate merged images taken with a 4 Gigapixel ...

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