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Ice on Mars?

Scientists at NASA believe they’ve finally discovered ice on Mars. Recently, the Phoenix Mars Lander started collecting soil samples from the surface of the planet. After a few backhoe scoops, a white, glistening material was revealed. Scientists couldn’t figure out if it was ice or not but four days after it was uncovered, it vanished. The theory? It’s ice and ...

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Serve True Iced Tea

Unlike my friends and family who are dependent on getting their coffee fix every morning, I drink tea instead. This makes withdrawal from a lack of caffeine easier, meaning I’m not dependent on anything but my pillow in the morning. Great news for tea drinkers everywhere: the “Tea Over Ice” pitcher is the quickest way to have freshly made hot ...

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Drinking Tonight? Make Sure You Try The Ice Sphere

I’m a huge whiskey and scotch drinker, so when I heard that using non-spherical ice cubes in your glass causes the liquor to become watered down easily, I immediately snapped into action. I found out that Taisin, a relatively unheard-of Japanese company, has a device that forms ice into perfect spheres, creating a better surface-area/volume ratio. Dubbed The Ice Mold, ...

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SnoWonder creates snow in your living room

Everyone loves snow right? Well, everyone loves the concept of snow and the amazing photos is makes for, but barely anyone likes the freezing temperatures it requires to even be present. SnoWonder takes care of the temperature problem of snow, so it doesn’t turn into a puddle of dirty water when you want to be in a warm living room ...

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