SnoWonder creates snow in your living room


Everyone loves snow right? Well, everyone loves the concept of snow and the amazing photos is makes for, but barely anyone likes the freezing temperatures it requires to even be present. SnoWonder takes care of the temperature problem of snow, so it doesn’t turn into a puddle of dirty water when you want to be in a warm living room by your fire. All it is is a special powder that expands to 100 times its original size when water is added to become a mass of fake snow for you to play with. It’s unfortunate that this stuff can’t be blasted on mountainsides this winter and make up for the lack of snow right now. SnoWonder starts at around $7 which will make you 10 cups of the room temperature stuff.

SnoWonder is the most amazing man-made snow on the market! It is visually identical to real snow. If you pour a bowl of SnoWonder on real snow, you cannot tell the difference, yet it can be used indoors for months without melting! This is the replacement for styrofoam and cotton snow that home and professional decorators and designers have waited decades for.

Nik Gomez

SnoWonder Instant Snow! [via The Red Ferret Journal]

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