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Ice Ball Mold Lets You Make Your Own Perfect Meltable Spheres

I don’t know what the hell you could use an ice sphere for other than a clever drink coolant and possibly an elegant projectile, but I’m not sure you really need a reason to make perfect ice spheres. They’re just really neat to look at. Maybe you can hang it from the ceiling of your freezer like some sort of ...

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Ice Cubes For Zombies

If you’re a blog-reading zombie that just happened to go vegetarian recently, never fear, Gearfuse is here to offer a helping hand. We’ve already introduced a few helpful food and drink recipes, including cupcakes and alcoholic beverages, not too mention a perfectly organ-free brain bowl, but what about a simple memento to help you remember the days where brains were ...

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Koi Ice Cubes Soothe Your Soul as They Cool Your Beverage

I thought there was nothing more relaxing than watching Koi fish swim around in their pond, that was until I learned how soothing Koi can be when they’re melting into a puddle of liquid. These Cold Fish Koi Ice Cube mold from Perpetual Kid allows you to freeze eight Koi-shaped ice shapes and let them float around in your beverage ...

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Stewie Griffin Ice Cube Tray

If your name happens to be Louis, please apply water mixed with cyanide. Freeze. Consume. Yes… yes, I dare say, good for the Fat Man as well. Victory is mine! Grab it for only $6.99 from FOX. Link [via]

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Shark Fin Ice Tray Brings Thrills, Chills To Your Drinks

Have $8 sitting in your wallet? What good is it going to do there? Do yourself a favor and spend your hard-earned cash on these Shark Fin Ice Trays. They help you create fin-shaped cubes of ice that you can later put into your mixed drinks. Guests at your Hawaii-themed party will go apeshit and absolute bananas when they see ...

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Bang! Bang! You’re Drunk

Ice cube trays don’t get more bizarre than ones shaped like a AK-47 magazine. That’s what forged these bullet-shaped ice cubes shown above which, for some reason or another, are now chilling our favorite drinks. No, not even Titanic or Tetris-shaped ice cubes can match what these puppies are packin’. That’s a whole lot of heat for such a chilling ...

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