Ice Ball Mold Lets You Make Your Own Perfect Meltable Spheres

I don’t know what the hell you could use an ice sphere for other than a clever drink coolant and possibly an elegant projectile, but I’m not sure you really need a reason to make perfect ice spheres. They’re just really neat to look at.

Maybe you can hang it from the ceiling of your freezer like some sort of frozen disco ball? It doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a creative bartender or just into making really awesome looking stuff, the Ice Ball Mold lets you create 30-40 ice balls an hour, in a range of sizes. Pricing is about $200, so it’s certainly not the cheapest DIY up your sleeve, but it might be the absolute ‘coolest.’ Hardy-har.

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  1. Looks like something you would use to make plutonium balls for that suitcase nuke you’ve been trying to put together all these years…

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