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DIY Embroidered Wristwatch

What time is it? You don’t know? Sir, by all accounts, I noticed the wristwatch on you possess. Surely it can give a man something as simple as the time of day. It can’t? Why not? Ahh, yes! True craftsmanship! Who would even think to embroider a watch? It’s so absurd, it makes perfect sense! Link [via]

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Ladies Boy Not Quite A Man

When it comes to the ladies, 9-year-old Alec Greven is an expert. This kid gets more ass than a toilet seat and even wrote a book on meeting wome-er, girls. What began as a $3 pamphlet sold at his school book fair has turned in to a published dating primer called “How to Talk to Girls” which hit the shelves ...

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How To Build An Igloo

Kevin Kelly has a great find over on his site Cool Tools. It’s an $11 book from author Norbert E. Yankielun that teaches the art of the igloo and other snow shelters. After reading the 208 page novel, all you’ll need to do is wait for the next Nor’Easter and you’re ready to build a house that isn’t affected by ...

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How To: Run Mac OS X on a PC

I have to admit, the last place I ever expected to see a tutorial detailing how to install OS X on a PC would be the Register. But hey, Brian Hurley has a fantastic tutorial for those of you too broke to afford Apple’s hardware. The process is very detailed and is more suited for a long weekend than an ...

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Biz Card Web Server

The team over at Hackaday (my old stomping grounds) have whipped up an excellent and detailed HOW TO that shows how to make your own web server. Before you complain and state how easy it is to use your grandmother’s old HP and all that jazz, let me ask you this: Is your server the size of a business card? ...

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How To Plan Your Own GTA IV Crime Spree

Grand Theft Auto mania is running wild, brother! We figured in the spirit of the game’s release, many of you hooligans are either feeling the game so much that you’ve got your own little real life crime spree planned, or you’re so scared from the game’s contents, that you’re ready to go all out military protection and armor down the ...

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