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Smart Home Security VS Traditional Alarm Systems

Smart Home Security

Smart technology defines every aspect of the modern era. We are essentially lost without our various innovative devices. Beyond our smartphones and tablets, we are also growing increasingly dependent on more subtle smart tech. For example, smart air purifiers clean our air, smart fridges keep our food at the perfect temperature and let us know when we are running low ...

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Are Landlords are Going too far With Security Technology?


As landlords tighten their grip around how tenants can enter the building, some have gone too far. In the last few years, several landlords made headlines when their mandatory electronic key fobs were discovered to be capable of tracking tenants and violating their privacy. One apartment building in New York installed a smart lock in September 2018 and refused to ...

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Secured Homes Are Sure Means To Peaceful Living

People want to proceed living a happy and peaceful life with their family. The problem is with the surroundings not being conducive for the residents to enjoy a calm atmosphere. Growing crime rates and number of forced entries just creates a lot of unease in the minds of law abiding citizens. What can one do to ensure the complete safety ...

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11 Completely Insincere Steps to Safeguarding Your Home Against Burglars

Some of these might actually work if you were ridiculous enough to pull it off, or if your would-be thieves were really, really stupid. For one, everyone knows a simple Dell sticker wouldn’t cover the MacBook’s Appleness because there is no way to cover up its halo or the omnipresent glow that surrounds your levitating body when you use one. ...

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Key and Keyring Combo is Suspiciously Simple and Effective

I’m hesitant to trust anything I could have invented myself. Why wasn’t this the clear conclusion from the beginning? What took so long to combine the key and the keyring into one compressed gadget? Alright, Designer Scott Amron, what’s the catch here? Does it self-destruct? Does it give you AIDS? Will my first born die from the plague? I don’t ...

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LEGO Safe Won’t Protect from Sledge Hammer, Children Over Six

It’s a brick world, baby. But some gadgets, believe it or not, are better left un-brick-ified. While this LEGO Safe looks killer, I sincerely doubt that it would do much good protecting your valuables. The most I would store in here is maybe a few other LEGO bricks, some spare change, perhaps you could throw your stash in as well. ...

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