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Real 3-D For Your Viewing Pleasure

In yesteryear, we’d be playing Rad Racer with those chunky black glasses with the blue and red lenses thinking all along, “Wow this is real 3-D! The cars just jump out at me, man!” However, this is not the case. The company Holografika has created “HoloVizio” technology which provides multiple viewers with a three-dimensional display that changes as people shift ...

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Interactive Image Projection Claims To Be Hologram: Cool, But Not A Hologram

*sigh* When will the geek community learn that just because an image is projected on a surface, giving the “illusion” of three dimensions, does not make a media be a “holographic” technology. We won’t deny that this interactive image projection isn’t really cool looking, but come on, it’s no hologram. Now, with that out of the way, what the good ...

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Transformer Phone Concept Molds To Accomplish Any Task

Thanks to an innovative design and well-thought form-factor, the Transformer concept phone by Shkinder Maxim can do much more than your average mobile device. The Transformer has the capability to act as a mobile phone, photo/video camera, multimedia player, projector, and is even working on support for holographic imaging and 3D scanning. Featuring 2 independent swiveling and flipping displays, the ...

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