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Luke Budweiser and Beer2-D3

Ah, yes! Do you remember Lockwasher? He’s the ultimate DIYer, creating robots and sculptures from metal junk. I know, that was awhile ago but he’s back with some really awesome creations this time around. This one is called Beer2-D3 and you can easily make your own with a free afternoon, random parts and a case of Heineken it seems: What ...

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Heineken Mini-keg Joins A Rock Band

Just because you killed off your Heineken mini-keg all doesn’t mean the fun has to end there. Why not make use of it by turning the keg into a guitar amplifier? eBay seller k_hessler� puts these amplifiers together (whilst under the influence) so he can sell them on the Internet for $119.99. There’s nothing specifically noteworthy about this 20W amp, ...

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Though I am a self-proclaimed Dogfish Head fan, Heineken definitely takes the keg for this doozy of a mod. It’s a damn Jacuzzi made from empty beer cases. It’s truly amazing and I’m assuming this was created by engineering students at some partying college. And by engineering students, I mean a fraternity 30-hours into a coke bender. Link

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