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Disco Ball Hat Works Best With The Party Rats

You’ve got the Party Rats. Now all you need is this ridiculous Disco Ball Hat. What’s that? You already own one? OK, excellent. Let’s get this party started! Verse: Chillin at the party Hour by hour Appetizers gettin’ stinky Not smellin’ like a flower Lights on my head Bottles in my pants Move your fuckin’ body Cause it’s time to ...

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Squid Hat Attack!

Yes! Just in time for winter comes a hat that will surely satisfy your tentacle fetish. They are hats that resemble squid and are handmade by Mike, aka MikeST on Flickr. Two of the tentacles contain mittens; a neat feature on headwear that’s already pretty creative! Link [via]

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DIY: Paper Mario Hat With Shoddy Graphics

Everyone loves cosplaying as their favorite Italian plumber. All it takes is a red shirt and some overalls and all you’re missing is a hat and phony mustache.� Well, don’t worry about buying some expensive Nintendo-licensed product made of fabric. Instead, make your own Mario hat with nothing more than some paper, printer ink and Band-Aids. Just don’t try grabbing ...

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Hunt For the Crystal Skulls

In light of the recent release of the latest Indiana Jones flick, Toys R Us is selling an Indiana hat and whip to complete your costume of the most badass archaeologist to ever scour tombs. If worse comes to worst, you could always use the hat and whip to compete in the Iditarod with your team of burly huskies, once ...

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