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Reverse Paper Shredder could help catch the next Enron

Researches in Germany have developed a software that is capable of compiling shredded paper into its original form and content. The project was originally created in an attempt to reassemble 45 million police documents that were shredded into 600 million slices. The pieces of torn documents are scanned on both sides, and the digital images are then analysed by a ...

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Chinese mouse is also a tablet device

Chinese company Hanwang has created this intuitive gadget that is a classic case of a mash up device. It combines the pointing device feature of a mouse, and a tablet feature which can be controlled through a stylus and recognizes handwriting. Chinese characters can be written directly onto the dragon pad using a stylus hidden in the mouse. This mouse ...

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Testing Sanyo’s stylus-free thumbwriting recognition: W42SA

One of the models that deserve attention in the Winter line-up of AU KDDI would be Sanyo’s W42SA. This phone supports a new kind of handwriting recognition that does not require a stylus, instead you would be using your thumb to “stroke” over the number keys. Of course you can still use the usual T9 predictive text system, but just ...

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