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Halo My Little Pony Doll Toy is Hayabusa Flavored

There’s a new trend gliding through the air and it smells like pony shit. The last few weeks have produced some of the coolest gaming mash-up toys we’ve ever seen, thanks to the integration of popular game characters and My Little Pony dolls. We’ve seen a bunch in the last weeks, but we can honestly say this has become some ...

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Master Chief Halo Ring Leaves Amusing Impression on Enemy’s Forehead

Say you and your Halo-loving girlfriend want to take that next step in your relationship. The holy union of Halo companionship is unbreakable by most any trolling. It’s a proposal she won’t be able to refuse. The $175 Halo ring, inspired by Master Chief‘s Mark IV Spartan helmet, isn’t what you’d call cheap, but it is a lot cheaper than ...

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Halo 3 Donut Holes are Master Chief’s Treat of Choice

While the act of sticking Master Chief’s head in your mouth might not be the most appetizing thought of all time, these Halo 3 Donut Balls look good enough to eat. And luckily, they are actually edible. The complex and detailed donut holes were designed by Jenny from Hot N Creamy Donuts. If your lucky, your mom will have them ...

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Halo Teabag T-Shirt

The ultimate insult in gaming constitutes killing your opponent, squatting over the opponents corpse and placing your digital balls in their digital face. This is known as teabagging. The phenomenon also exists in frat houses and at drunken house parties. The Halo Teabag tee illustrates the iconic move quite perfectly. For $19.95, you to can own a shirt featuring the ...

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Halo 3 in Church: What Would Master Chief Do?

It appears that Protestant churches around the country are using Halo 3 as a recruiting tool to draw in young congregants. This comes despite it’s violent subject matter and mature ESRB rating. Naturally, this development has many churchgoers in an uproar, but supporters argue that Halo is an effective tool in “reaching the elusive audience of boys and young men”–a ...

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