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iCage, The Bike Lock For Your iPod

Master Lock claims that 4-percent of all robberies are due to iPod thefts, so why not slap a bike lock on it? You just spent your entire month’s allowance on that brand new iPod Touch. Now, you’re looking for a lock so you can hang it up on any street post to force the general public into listening to whatever ...

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Monorail Monitoring Robot Couldn’t Catch Me

Israeli company Linceus is introducing a monorail robot designed to patrol large areas such as airport perimeters/Gaza Strip without the need to hire rent-a-cops for security. The bot is capable of reaching speeds up to 50 MPH.� It’s equipped with an array of sensors such as thermal cameras, laser designators and a rangefinder. It’s a damn shame it doesn’t have ...

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Banana guard protects your… eh, banana

A banana is the best fruit for lazy people, you don’t have to wash it and you don’t need any tools to peel the skin. The annoying thing about bananas is that they’re so prone to bruising. Even the slightest bump can turn your banana dark, you won’t always be able to pick that up from the outside, but give ...

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