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Typography Soap

Despite popular belief, graphic designers need to shower too. They don’t just shed their skin every few weeks like the text books might have you believe. Even if many of them live and breathe typography, there comes a time when you have to put the fonts to rest so you can continue other life functions, such as sleeping and showering. ...

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Graphic Design From Mark Weaver

I haven’t posted any original graphic design in awhile, so when I saw Mark Weaver’s work, I knew I’d found something special. Weaver goes for that rustic, DaVinci-esque look that resembles an old philosopher’s sketchbook. He also makes excellent use of color, as one can easily see from the above print. I’d so buy of Mark’s work if I had ...

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Fresh Fonts Invade Helvetica

These fonts were created by tracing over the Helvetica font with different textures. Said textures included toothpaste, tomato paste and hair gel. Fancy! for their project ‘fresh fonts’ the dutch collective autobahn drew the typeface helvetica using toothpaste, tomato ketchup and hair gel. they then used these experiments to create the digital typefaces ‘heldentica’ , ‘tomatica’ and ‘gelvetica’, which you ...

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Kelly Digital

I don’t know if he listens to RZA but at least graphic designer Alberto Seveso knows his shit. Apparently he’s so good at using ‘teh l33t ph0t0sh0p sk1llz’ that he was able to essentially transform surfer Kelly Slater into a damn wave. Yeah. Alberto cut him up good and did a hell of a shading job. Some of the best ...

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Life-like Graphic Design For Animal And Robot Lovers Alike

We like art. Whether it be fusing plastics together, or building an impressive LEGO display inspired by Terminator, art is art. Especially if it’s art inspired by robotics, like these City Foundry Bots. Graphic designer and illustrator Juan Carlos Federico creates some fascinating digital collages that resemble living creatures gone robotic. They’ve ditched their organic ways for a body of ...

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