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PSP and GPS combine to create the perfect golf caddy

Sony announced today its virtual golf caddy for the PSP, titled Minna No Golf Jo or Everybody’s Golf Course. Combining the PSP’s GPS transmitter with the physical sport of golf will insure that you never have to tip a crappy caddy to give you bad advice ever again. Minna No Golf Jo will provide in-depth info about shot distances and ...

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Golf Ball Launcher, a new way to justify wearing that ugly plaid outfit

At first look, the Golf Ball Launcher looks like an oversized badass shotgun, manned by some Rambo-esque figure. Though, with much of the tech product world, first looks can be deceiving. Despite its dangerous appearance, it is actutally a new tool for one of the less violent games. This golf ball launcher attached to this mullet-donning man’s hands is actually ...

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