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For The Love Of God, Let It Be Summer Weather

With this gadget, I think we have a case of the AMX Thermostat mixed with the Undress Me Mug. Some people plan for the weather by watching the news and planning complex and ornate alternate plans for each possible weather condition, including an assortment of outfits laid out for the morning. I, on the other hand, just take a look ...

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YOUniverse Funk Fone stomps the competition with a 6″ platform

Unless you have a pre-teen daughter, this YOUniverse Funk Fone should never been seen in your posession. So what part is the “Fone”? The shoe. Just lift it off of the massive platform base, and you have a fully functioning phone that belongs more in a “gentlemen’s club” than your daughters bedroom. So apart from the major problem of a ...

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