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Super Rub’a’Dub is game adapted from Sony ducky demo

Nostalgia is responsible for many people buying things they really don’t need. While the new game that will be released onto the Playstation Network is probably pretty fun, we can’t help but think that rubber duckies could have been replaced by some other item. You read right, that demo that everyone saw of the ducks getting poured into a small ...

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Lord Of The Rings Online details revealed

News update for all of you gamers who love all things Tolkein. Some information has been released regarding the Lord Of The Rings Online game. This game has the pontential to go great places, considering the rabit fan base that it will start off with. Take a look at the quotation here and you will learn some pretty interesting facts ...

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Battle card reader for Nintendo DS: Jushinten

Nintendo has demoed a card reader for their Nintendo DS portable gaming machine at the Toy Forum in Japan. The card reader is used to incorporate battle cards (such as Yu-gi-oh) with the game on your DS,  theoratically  you can also play battle card games on the network with users  all over the world. The game demonstrated was Jushinten (rough ...

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Super Mario 1-up Mushroom Scarf

We would totally rock this scarf on the upcoming winter days, if only our relatives were hip enough to understand our inner geek as well as our outer geek. $95 seems like a lot for a scarf, but considering it’s 75″ long and is stylish as hell, we know a lot of people who would shell out the cash. If ...

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New Sims 2 expansion announced: Sim Seasons

EA Games has really been cashing in on all of these Sims expansions. People are just relentless with this game. And you know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. With that said, EA Games has announced plans on yet another expansion release for Sims 2, which will be called Seasons. This eighth expansion will upgrade the ...

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