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Guy Creates a Telegraph Using Only Natural Materials Found in the Woods

Using only natural materials found on the ground of New Jersey’s woods, and with no modern tools, Jamie OShea created a functioning telegraph. O’Shea had set out to prove that modern day electronic communication methods could have been discovered by early man. His conclusion? They could have, but they didn’t. With the Immaculate Telegraphy project, O’Shea used natural materials to ...

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Acrylic Forest Rings

Want the punching power of a knuckle duster with a little more style? Ditch the brass for these acrylic animal rings that will seriously mess up your opponent’s face upon contact. Forests, wolves, chickens – I love the way these things look. And for $12, you’ll like the way your next bank statement looks, too. Link [via]

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The Tree Bed

For those of you who truly feel in touch with nature and happen to be extremely wealthy, you may want to shell out the $15,000 for this Tree Bed. Designed by Shawn Lovell and constructed from heavy metal, you’ll really feel as if you’re really falling asleep inside a creepy-as-fuck forest. No joke. All you need now is a floor ...

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Robot Defeats Forest Fires By Defeating The Forest

Forest fires are morbid scenes. Sure, there are all of those precious woodlands which are destroyed, but more important, our homes and families are at risk. Enter the forest fire prevention robot, designed by Jordan Guelde. Smokey The Bear (or even OLE, the fire fighting beetle bot) ain’t got nothing on this tough mofo. Using its vast array of hubless ...

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