Robot Defeats Forest Fires By Defeating The Forest


Forest fires are morbid scenes. Sure, there are all of those precious woodlands which are destroyed, but more important, our homes and families are at risk. Enter the forest fire prevention robot, designed by Jordan Guelde. Smokey The Bear (or even OLE, the fire fighting beetle bot) ain’t got nothing on this tough mofo.

Using its vast array of hubless motors, and its integrated fuel system, the “Clear Cut” bot clears out vast amounts of foliage in order to control forest fires. No tree, bush, bunny, or deer is safe when this robot is on the prowl. All it understands is forest fire control and tree cutting. It also doesn’t happen to know the difference between people and trees. Muahahaha!



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  1. This looks pritty cool but looks to big and too difficult to controlle peolpe have troble with small ones and this one is suppost to cut down trees i dont know.

  2. man you should have never watched Transformers. Do u fight forest fire?

  3. Raymond Agbunag

    This is a great idea. But your robot seems small. Do you have actual robot?

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