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Father And Son Arduino Flashlight Leash

What better way for a father and son to spend the Thanksgiving weekend together than to build a robot out of a tin can and an Arduino. As far as robots go, this little autonomous aluminum can seeks out light and moves in the direction of it. The creator cleverly refers to this as a “flashlight leash.” With an Arduino, ...

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iLight: The Apple-Themed Flashlight

Designer Miyoshimasato has designed a device that resembles what a flashlight might look like if the Cupertino bad-boys had designed one (that is if the white color of their Apple headquarters doesn’t cause a reflective faux day light at all hours, like some sort of tech inspired Alaskan winter). The iLight has a sleek, buttonless body, that would rely on ...

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Japanese firemen and policemen dance for light

Don’t you just hate it when flashlights run out of battery? The natural thing to do would be turning it off and shaking it, hoping that the chemical paste in there will somehow mix and squeeze a few drops of juice left. Japanese company Daisaku-shoji is selling this battery-free flashlight that can shine for a good 20 minutes with half ...

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Never buy batteries for a flashlight again with Everlife Flashlight

Youll never have to replace dead batteries in the Everlife/Faraday Flashlight because it doesnt need batteries. Thats right, the Everlife flashlight does not use batteries; rather, it uses electro-magnetic induction, meaning that it gets its power from you shaking the magnets back and forth inside the flashlight. It has to be shaken for about a minute whenever its completely drained, ...

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