Never buy batteries for a flashlight again with Everlife Flashlight

everlife/faraday flashlight

You’ll never have to replace dead batteries in the Everlife/Faraday Flashlight because it doesn’t need batteries. That’s right, the Everlife flashlight does not use batteries; rather, it uses electro-magnetic induction, meaning that it gets its power from you shaking the magnets back and forth inside the flashlight. It has to be shaken for about a minute whenever its completely drained, and only about 30 seconds for 5 minutes of light if it has some juice in it. This is perfect for all those times you desperately need light, but it just so happens that all the flashlights in your house are dead. This little beast is said to shine a bright blue/white LED up to a mile away, just in case you need to look for something a mile away… A few other pluses to this already awesome flashlight is that it is waterproof (it floats) and indestructible (they run it over with a car in a video). One major drawback to this light, however, is that it has a very strong magnetic field, meaning you can’t bring it near computers, so you can’t make a laptop that doesn’t need batteries. For $20 you can get an Everlife/Faraday flashlight and a free mini one, which is basically a steal for this great flashlight. Definitely worth purchasing because dead flashlights are a bust and buying batteries over and over again is even worse. — Nick Rice

Everlife/Faraday Flashlight [via Gearlog]

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  1. Ha, ha, ha. I bought one of these and shook it for 10 minutes only to barely manage a two second glow and that’s all. You’d have to be on drug withdrawal to shake it enough for a usable light.

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