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Chocolate Bar-like Portable HDD Concept

Hershey chocoholics might want to steer clear of this concept device, as it might make them crave the lusciousness of sweet milk chocolate even more. Each piece of this portable HDD is a modular flash drive, which allows users to chunk their info together to produce one large mega-drive. The central display is a touchscreen that helps you manage your ...

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Virgin Mary USB Flash Card: Blasphemous Storage

There aren’t too many USB drives that can be described as being blasphemous, but the Virgin Mary flash drive is truly a sight to be seen. We don’t know how we feel about the Virgin having a male input, but adding in a blinking heart for when the device is plugged in was a good touch. Inscribed on the halo ...

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Apple stocks up, orders 500 million Samsung NAND flash drives

Everybody has their own Apple predictions and this announcement will do nothing, but add to the speculation. It’s being reported that Apple is planning to order 500 million Samsung NAND flash drives by the end of the month. Now, what could they be doing with all of that damn flash? Sources say that the acquired flash drives will be used ...

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