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Cigarette Lighter Phone Will Likely Turn Yellow Over Time

If you can’t go very long without a smoke pressed between your lips and your cell pressed to your ear, you might need a way to join the two mediums. Sure, we’ve seen the device which swears to be the ultimate smoker’s phone, but where is the lighter? The SB6309 Cigarette Lighter Phone includes a lighter in its ingeniously deadly ...

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LEGO Fire Skull: Fewer Bricks Than You Might Think

Bricks aren’t the only neat buildables offered by LEGO. The LEGO flame attachments have their own little sub-culture of fandom, as seen through this awesome LEGO Fire Skull built by resident LEGO pyro Billy McGill. If your friends are more of the death metal-type, they might not be all that impressed with other styles of LEGO modeling. But this skull ...

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That’s One Huge Lighter

This lighter not only is huge but it tells all the ladies that you’re stacked. It’s able to light a blunt in a heartbeat and it can’t fit in your tight jean pockets. No matter, because this lighter says it all. You could light a lady’s cigarette by flipping out the huge one but why not just stuff it in ...

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Lenovo to design 2008 Olympic torch

We wonder if this decision has anything to do with Lenovo being one of the greenest of the big tech companies. Though a torch isn’t really “eco-friendly”. Designing the 2008 Olympic Torch might knock Lenovo down a notch on the green scale. Though with that notched peg, Lenovo is sure to gain a ridiculous amount of name recognition with how ...

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