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Top 3 Reasons to Purchase the Fitbit Blaze Watch

To stay active and healthy, one can never go wrong in doing regular physical activities. In order to keep track of your progress, you may use a fitness tracker. There are a variety of fitness trackers out there, so you can easily choose one that suits all your needs and preferences. One of the activity trackers that is now out ...

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Fitbit Charge Helps Improve Fitness and Energy Levels

For those wanting a whole new level of energy and a healthier lifestyle, the Fitbit Charge Activity + Sleep Wrist Monitor helps make this a reality. The latest in wristband technology allows the user to measure the amount of minutes during the day when they are active. It also allows for the measurement of that activity; how many steps are ...

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Fitbit: Pedometer 2.0

A cheap, barely-functional pedometer isn’t going to do you a lot of good. Shit, McDonalds was handing them out a few years ago with some bullshit “fit meal” marketing gimmick, essentially killing all hope that pedometer can really help you lose weight. All that has changed with the invention of the $99 Fitbit. At that price, most consumers will be ...

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