Fitbit Charge Helps Improve Fitness and Energy Levels

fitbit charge

For those wanting a whole new level of energy and a healthier lifestyle, the Fitbit Charge Activity + Sleep Wrist Monitor helps make this a reality.

The latest in wristband technology allows the user to measure the amount of minutes during the day when they are active. It also allows for the measurement of that activity; how many steps are taken and how many calories are burned in the process.

Easy to read OLED screen

All of the measurement data is displayed to the user on a clear and simple to read OLED screen. Detailed daily data is stored in the device memory for seven days, so it’s there ready to view whenever the wearer wants to look. The Fitbit Charge has an impressive 7 day battery life and the battery takes just two hours to fully charge. Add to this a water resistant strap and this is an impressive piece of wearable technology with a clean and contemporary look.

Food and sleep monitoring

The Fitbit Charge isn’t just about measuring activity, it also allows the user to keep track of their sleep patterns and food intake. Rest and nutrition are important features in a healthy lifestyle. The calorie calculator allows for quick reference when the user is shopping for food and the vibrating alarm helps to improve the wearer’s daily energy levels by allowing them to wake up naturally.

Interaction with tablet and smartphone

The Fitbit Charge uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect wirelessly to PCs, tablets and smartphones, within a radius of 20 feet. Users can use the app on their smartphone or tablet to measure their progress and celebrate any success with awards. They can also compete with other users and use the food database to help with their dietary habits.

More than just a measuring device

With all of the impressive technology the Fitbit Charge has on board it’s easy to forget that it also looks clean and compact on the wrist. It’s also a great motivator for those wanting to make real strides in improving their overall fitness and energy levels. Not only does the user have access to all of their own statistical data, but they have the ability to compete with others. It’s an ideal situation; try to beat personal bests while also attempting to be the best in the group.

Why the Fitbit Charge?

Of all the wearable devices that are on the market, why is the Fitbit Charge such an excellent choice?

  • The latest fitness measuring technology
  • Beats the battery life of competitors
  • Easy food intake calculations
  • Fun and interactive app
  • Impressive motivational features, including self-competition and peer interaction
  • Clean and contemporary look

The Charge certainly keeps Fitbit firmly at the forefront of contemporary wearable technology. It’s ideal for users who want a useful tool in their quest to raise their levels of fitness and energy.

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