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UrBonFire: Your Own Personal Fireplace

Looking to save the Earth and keep warm on those chilly winter days? We’ve got you covered. Try out the aptly-named UrBonFire, a device that lets you have a fire in your living room without the need for a chimney or ventilation. While it looks like the ultimate safety hazard, UrBonFire would be great for small picnics, weekend camping trips ...

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Heart Shaped Box

Get Cobain out of your head, ’cause this isn’t Nirvana related. I’m talking about this slick fireplace from Arkiane. It’s called the ICOYA and although it won’t do much except keep your mansion warm, it’s certainly a statement piece. Rather than question how much it costs, why not draw up conversation on how you got it for your significant other ...

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Apoll Tabletop Fireplace

Siberia. You’re locked in a vicious poker game worth a $5 million pot. The wind howls outside and wood creaks with every movement. You look at the host. You and him both know that it’s cold and a fire is in order. The fireplace is out of commission, though, so what are you going to do? You could reach for ...

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Portable Fireplace Is Great Insurance Fraud Kit

What better way to “accidentally” burn down your home and all of your loved ones sleeping peacefully inside than with this Travelmate portable fireplace by Conmoto. Oops! I didn’t mean to kick it over. Now all of my possessions are burning around me. The Mexico City fire fighting force does not approve. Good thing I have insurance. Alright, horrible thought, ...

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Cyclone Firetube has looks that kill

The Cyclone Firetube from Heat N Go is one of the cooler household gadgety objects that we have ever seen. The Cyclone is ACTUALLY a tube of fire in your room of choice. Since it is incorrect to refer to this as a fireplace, lets just call it “fire art”. Heat N Glo offers both custom made Cyclones and system ...

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